5 Tips For Stopping Mole Damage Before It Happens

May 11, 2019

When you’ve spent time and money to make your lawn beautiful, the last thing you want is for a pest to come along and destroy your hard work. Unfortunately, though, that’s exactly what happens far too often. There are many pests that can damage your lawn, but one of the worst offenders is the mole. To stop mole damage before it happens, try the following five tips.

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1.    Remove food sources

Moles eat grubs, worms, and insects. Although you can’t completely eliminate these animals from your property, you can reduce their numbers. This will make your lawn less appealing to moles than one with an abundant food supply. For more information about grub control, give us a shout!

2. Make it hard for them to get into your yard

If the perimeter of your yard isn’t too large, you may consider installing underground fences. These can deter moles from getting onto your property by making them tunnel deeper in order to get onto your property. If placing an underground fence around your entire yard is unrealistic, another option is to place the fencing around specific areas of your lawn or landscaping that you don’t want moles to have access to.

3. Don’t overwater your lawn

Moles are more likely to be attracted to your lawn if the soil is soft and damp. Although you can’t control the amount of rain your lawn and gardens get, you can control how much you water them. Overwatering is a common mistake in lawn care. By taking care to keep the moisture at a lower level, you’ll make your lawn less appealing to moles.

4. Get a pet

If you’ve been considering getting a dog or cat, you can add one more reason to your pros list. Having pets running around your lawn tends to discourage moles from making your yard their home.

If you don’t want a pet, consider setting up an owl nesting box on your property. Owls are a natural predator of moles, so if one sets itself up on your property, it will deter moles from hanging around.

5. Call Smith’s Trapping Service

If you take prevention steps, but still end up with moles on your lawn, all hope is not lost. Smith’s Gopher Trapping Service has the tools and know-how eliminate your mole problem, ensuring that any damage already caused is as minimal as possible and does not continue. Contact Smith’s for more information about our mole control methods.



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