How Do Meadow Voles Damage Yards In The Bay Area?

June 21, 2019

Have you ever heard of the term girdling? It is when the bark of a tree has been removed causing the tree to lose its ability to supply its need for water and nutrients causing trees to dry out and die. Girdling is just one of the significant damages that meadow voles can cause to your property. 

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What are meadow voles?

A meadow vole is a species of mouse known for its ability to multiply quickly. A female meadow vole can have a litter of babies once a month, and within two months those new meadow voles are ready to breed. Combine this with the fact that meadow voles have no major predators to keep their population in check,  and you can begin to see why they are such a problem.

Why Meadow Voles Invade Properties

Meadow voles are herbivores, meaning they only eat grasses, bark, roots, and other plant materials. It's our guess that your property probably has most of these attractions, and why meadow voles can be a serious issue in practically any yard.

Problems Meadow Voles Cause

As we already discussed, meadow voles can eat tree bark which girdles trees causing them to die. We also discussed how they eat other vegetation causing severe damage to the plant life around your property. Additionally, voles can do a considerable amount of damage to the turf in your yard due to the paths they chew, called runways. These runways are a result of one of their feeding habits; they eat plants down to the crown (growing point) thus prohibiting regrowth.

Why Call Smith’s Gopher Trapping Service For Your Meadow Vole Problems

If you are looking for a way to combat meadow voles on your property, we offer solutions here at Smith’s Gopher Trapping Service. At the first sign of voles or other wildlife problems, give us a call today. One of our friendly service representatives would be happy to discuss your options and find a service that best suits your needs.


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