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vole damaging california lawn

How Do Meadow Voles Damage Yards In The Bay Area?

June 21, 2019

Have you ever heard of the term girdling? It is when the bark of a tree has been removed causing the tree to lose its ability to supply its need for water and nutrients causing trees to dry out and die. Girdling is just one of the significant damages that meadow voles can cause to your property. ...

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up close look at a yellow jacket in novato california

Preventing Yellow Jackets In San Francisco Homes This Year

May 6, 2019

It might seem strange that a company that specializes in gopher trapping would know a lot about yellow jacket control but the two actually go together. Yellow jackets often build ground nests inside holes created by animals. And there are few animals that can compete with a gopher at making holes....

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