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a family of ground squirrels on a montery california property

Put A Stop To Ground Squirrels Tearing Up Your Monterey Property

December 31, 2019

It is hard to maintain a beautiful lawn and landscaping, especially when lawn pests are around. Here in Monterey, one type of lawn pest, in particular, is being extra problematic. They are called ground squirrels, and the holes you are finding in your yard could be their dirty work. Want to find out for certain? ...

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horseshoe shaped mound is a sign of pocket gopher infestation

California Pocket Gopher Identification & Control

April 16, 2019

California pocket gophers are burrowing pests that are extremely tricky to get rid of. They burrow underground and in their efforts to consume whatever they can find, destroy front lawns, backyards, and vegetable gardens. So how do you prevent gophers from damaging your property?...

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